Friday, August 13, 2010

Sensitive Skin live Sunday at the Bowery Poetry Club

Sensitive Skin magazine has been revived by publisher Bernard Meisler and managing editor Tim Beckett... The print version ran on the Lower East Side in the 1990s, and published such luminaries as Richard Hell, Taylor Mead, Herbert Huncke, Bob Holman (who now runs the Bowery Poetry Club), among others.

And Sensitive Skin is having their first reading since like 1998 at the Bowery Poetry Club this Sunday at 6. There will be readings by Darius James, Christian Hunter, Drew Huebner and Rob Hardin with music by Kurt Wolf (ex-Pussy Galore) and video by Rebecca Gaffney.

Here's the first issue from 1991 ... when it was called 'Peau Sensible' (that's French for sensitive skin...)

For further reading:
Check out Jeremiah's interview with Bernard and Tim at Vanishing New York.

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