Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stepping it up tomorrow -- in 3D, no less

By the time you read this, we'll likely be first in line to see the first screening tomorrow of "Step Up 3D." Or, as we like to say,"Step Up Fuckin' 3D!"

But seriously, we are slightly curious about the movie only because of the extensive filming in the East Village last May and June. (Surely, you remember one of our 34,987 posts on it, right? If not... well... here... here... here... and maybe here.)

This two minutes is likely enough for us anyway...

Note to self: Do some sit-ups.


Dee said...

I will check it out on DVD only because I want to see my block in the movie. If that werent the case I would not bother

Anonymous said...

They also filmed a lot of the interior in that warehouse on Delancey and Essex (by the "old as hills" liquor.