Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Christmas in June game changer

To be honest, we were expecting some kind of October surprise this June. And today, on the first official day of summer, we got it.

After an emergency Board of Directors meeting, Gruber MacDougal, spokesperson for the International Coalition of Tree Tossing in the Spring (ICTTS), has announced that the organization has adopted a new name.

Please welcome the International Coalition of Tree Tossing in the Spring and Summer (ICTTSS).

Why did this happen? Sources say that it is because of a tree sighting on the Bowery upstairs at the Sunshine Hotel, first spotted by Goggla back in April. Although it looks to be an artificial tree, ICTTSS officials feared the backlash if this tree got tossed after June 21.

MacDougal, who is in London after unsuccessfully bidding on Picasso's Jeune fille endormie at Christie’s International, wasn't immediately available for comment.


VH McKenzie said...

I specifically recall the bylaws stating that artificial trees were disqualified from the competition. I know I have those bylaws printed out somewhere.......

EV Grieve said...

Well, I know they're on the ICTTCC website, but that seems to be down after the hack last week.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Jesus, will this never end?
(Though I do know of a tree on a fire escape that is still hanging around...)

Marty Wombacher said...

This is turning into a Twilight Zone! Of course that son of a bitch Gruber MacDougal can't comment, his mouth is filled with shit!

EV Grieve said...

@EV Grieve 6:56

Nice grammar!

@ OneMorefoldedsunset

Please don't bring jesus into this.


How is this a bad thing? Where is your Christmas spirit?

Marty Wombacher said...

@EV Grieve: I didn't say it was a bad thing, just that it's turning into a Twilight Zone, which, if you think about it is a good thing. And my Christmas spirit is right where it always is, next to the vodka in my freezer!

P.S. And please stop threatening me on Twitter, I've been hiding under my futon ever since!

Tom said...

I am beyond outraged. Our friend, Jeremiah Moss, has been ROBBED. I will always consider his June 11 entry to be the winner:


EV Grieve said...


I agree. But Jeremiah, I believe, knew the consequences. The ICTTSS are major backers of the High Line as well as a new line of artisanal pork ice cream, Yet Jeremiah had several negative posts about the High Line — which didn't go unnoticed by Gruber and Co.

I'm not suggesting that this was done to make sure that he didn't win, but the timing gives me pause.

Goggla said...

I really can't tell from the street if this tree is artificial or not, so I challenge someone to climb that fire escape and find out!