Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CB3 OKs transfer of Banjo Jim's to The James Daniel

Last Thursday, we first brought you the news that changes were in the works for Banjo Jim's, the ramshackle live music joint on Avenue C and Ninth Street. Plans call for an "artisanal neighborhood cocktail bar" named The James Daniel.

As Devin Briski reported for Eater, the CB3/SLA committee OK'd the transfer during Monday night's meeting.

In the comments on our post, owner Lisa Zwier-Croce left this message:

Hi. Banjo Lisa here! It is sad for me to lose Banjo Jim's but I am so proud of all the amazing musicians that have passed through our humble place. Rob and Timothy are down to earth guys and care about the community. i wholeheartedly embrace them and encourage everyone to continue to support their place. Don't let the word "artisnal" scare you! What [they're] saying is they don't want to serve you the same crap you can get in any bar! It's even possible that there may be a "Banjo Jim's night"(of music) occasionally! Anyone whose been in Banjo Jim's knows there's magic in those walls! With tears in my eyes I pass these guys the baton. Maybe I'll see you there!!!!!

Also, on Monday night, Briski reported that the committee also OK'd the transfer to The Phoenix to new owners. Hello Open Mic Night!

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"Yes, son, its true...back when I was young they really DID play LIVE music in bars..."