Sunday, July 24, 2011

NYC crime rate is going up, but not really

This is part of the front page of the Post today ... Uh-oh!

According to the exclusive:

Through July 17, incidents of the seven major felonies are down only slightly -- 0.4 percent -- over the same period last year, dipping from 54,447 to 54,254. The annual tally has dropped every year since 1993.

Oh, so the crime rate is actually down. But! The article insists that it could get worse. Meanwhile, as the paper points out, since 1993, reports of "serious crime" — murder, rape, robbery, felony, etc. — have dropped from 430,460 to 105,115.

We looked at the CompState figures from the 9th Precinct, which covers East Houston Street to East 14th Street from Broadway to the East River. According to these statistics, crime complaints are down 2.93 percent from 2010.... down 69.08 percent since 1993. Not that we're buying all these crime stats anyway ....

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blue glass said...

could be that folks find calling the police useless, and that 311 is great for statistics (if accurate) and an excuse for no action - otherwise why waste your time.

BagelGuy said...

Typical New York Post move.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

It's probably due to all that phone hacking and obtaining illicit information by bribing police officers and exercising improper influence on politicians and the police by members of the International News Corporation.

Anonymous said...

Dont you know the crime rates going up, up, up, up, UUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!
To live in this town, you must be tough tough tough tough tough tough!
You got rats on the west side, bed bugs uptown
What a mess, this town's in tatters...

same old shit.

Anonymous said...

must be all the chess players in tsp that is a real crime and people with brown bags