Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today in 'the bad old days may be here again' articles

From the Post:

Hammered by budget cuts, the NYPD will field its smallest force by the middle of next year than at any time since 1992 — raising fears that, with fewer cops on the beat, a resurgence of crime could return to the city.

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The "bad old days" are here again story of the day


Goggla said...

It's interesting having this post right below the one about the new riches to be found on the Bowery. If only we could combine the two and negate both forces.

esquared said...

so, by the middle of next year, the nypd will only have six cops and 1/2 of a detective to apprehend a kid with a spray paint can...

Lisa said...

Good. Maybe this'll separate the wheat from the chaff - or the woo-ers from the city.

glamma said...


Lisa said...

@glamma - No, not crime. I can't express it any better than Jeremiah did in one of his Vanishing New York posts, so will post a link to it here: