Monday, April 12, 2010

Are the "bad old days" here again...again?

From the Times:

It is impossible to know if the recent increase in violent crime in the city is legitimate cause for concern that the “bad old days” of crime may return, or if it simply represents a blip in a trend line continuing a descent of nearly two decades.

Homicides are up nearly 22 percent in 2010, compared with the same period last year. Shootings are up in the city, to 293 from 257, a 14 percent increase. And there are more victims of gunfire: 351 through April 4, up from 318 in the same period a year ago.

But it is not statistics, but rather the tenor and pace of 2010’s spasm of disorder that are suggestive of a bygone era, and have again raised questions about whether New York City is finally at the end of crime declines.

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Previously on EV Grieve:
Trend alert! The bad old days are here again!


Ken Mac said...

22 percent? Holy freaking cow!

Anonymous said...

Robbed is the new black

eveats said...

I'm not surprised at all... The fact that I got jumped last week on 7th & B by a bunch of kids is just a sign of that trend. I have the stitches to prove it!

EV Grieve said...

Sorry to hear this, eveats... what time of day/night was this?

Anonymous said...

Ouch, eveats. Sorry. Did you report it? And, did it show up in the 9th precinct weekly report?

On a related note, I decided to count the number of little plastic bags I saw on my walk home tonight. From the corner of Ave. A and Houston, to the corner of 8th St. and Ave. B, I counted 39(+, I lost count for a block or two) little bags, roughly three a block. That's on one side of the street, after dark, without bothering to look much beyond my feet. It might be more fun to count during the daytime with a couple of lookers.

Nah, I don't much care about drugs, legalize 'em, I say. But, whew, are there any cops in the EV who aren't blind?