Monday, April 26, 2010

Updated: Man shot and killed on Avenue D

A 33-year-old man was shot in the face and killed today just after noon on Avenue D at East Third Street, according to WPIX. Police have not made any arrests and are still looking for the gunman.

Here's an updated report from WPIX...which reminds me why I never watch local network TV this reporter for real?


Updated: The Daily News this morning has more on the fatal shooting:

A 33-year-old father with a violent past was shot in the face and killed in the East Village on Monday, police said.

Bahiem Covington was brazenly gunned down in broad daylight on Avenue D and E. Fourth St. just moments after crossing guard Carla Ortega left for a bathroom break, cops said.

"He was a sweet guy . . . a peacemaker," said a woman who identified herself as Covington's sister. "He wasn't into violence."

The woman, who didn't want her name used, said Covington had two children.

"He was a caring father," she added. "My brother's dead. This has to stop."

Witnesses told cops they saw four men running from the scene. No one has been arrested, but sources said investigators were analyzing surveillance video from a nearby deli.

It was unclear why Covington, who has prior arrests for assault and criminal possession of a weapon, was targeted.


VH McKenzie said...

That reporter? A. Supreme. Tool.

Probably his first time below 14th Street.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

He literally is standing there, a mere fifty feet, from where it literally happened, and literally across the street from the Lillian Ward (!) houses. Literally.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

This is just awful. I don't know what to say. Condolences to his family.

Anonymous said...

Also note:

"...An honor student was jumped and his face brutally slashed near his lower East Side junior high school Monday - and no one came to his aid, his mom said.

Pascasio Rodriguez, 15, was sliced from his left cheek to his neck when ambushed by at least two thugs as he left Henry Street School for International Studies to go on a field trip..."

Also, "...Police data shows a 41 percent increase this year in incidents of criminal mischief against cars...

Anonymous said...

The reporter looked like he was shitting his pants--was pretty jittery and not cool at all. Definately a tool.

NYC taxi photo said...

hmmm, what to say.. wrong people are everywhere, but as far as i knew, this is one of the nicest projects in the city, very little danger. and i call that the east village, not the lower east side.

Anonymous said...

They say Lower East Side to keep the gentrified EV smelling sweet.

Chris said...

@VH McKenzie: It might be. I think he just started at WPIX recently. They are a mockery of local news... and even have a reporter whose last name is Mocker.

Unknown said...

This is not the East Village, its the LOWER EAST SIDE, L.E.S. I hate you transplant New Yorkers coming to my city acting like you know where you are. L.E.S is still dangerous, you yuppies are gonna find yourself in a bad situation if you let the mayor and the media fool you into believing NY cupcake land now.

Anonymous said...

I still remember this. Don't think they ever solved it. But I know who did it. My dope dealer's older brother did it. I saw him (my dealer) that day and he told me, because he had to disappear for a couple days. His older brother did get picked up for it but they couldn't pin it on him. Dudes from the Wald houses.