Tuesday, April 20, 2010

By the way, did you see a naked guy standing on Houston and Suffolk Sunday afternoon?

From a reader:

Did you hear about the naked guy on Houston yesterday? There was a dude butt ass naked holding two pieces of paper over his parts crossing Houston at Suffolk with a very stoic look on his face. My wife witnessed it from the Dunkin Donuts around 4 pm. The cops approached and he just kinda stood there. Very weird for a Sunday afternoon.

The reader approached as the man was being escorted into an ambulance.

Anyone have more details? Photos? (Or not.)


Ryan said...

On a curious side note, did anyone else see a small beagle mix hang a right on A from Houston, then dart across traffic running west on 2nd st? It was about 9am early last week. I tried to catch it but it darted past. I crossed Houston toward Essex and saw a commotion. There was a huge guy basically built like Vin Diesel in his underpants and untied combat boots, running like a madman, crying his eyes out, and covered in body paint(!/?). He was holding a leash asking if we'd seen his dog. I told him to make a left on 2nd. I raised an eyebrow to the old lady next to me and she said, "Honey, I been here a long time. That's nothin." Just wondering if he found his dog.

EV Grieve said...

You need to start carrying a FlipCam!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! I totally saw that! Except on A and 6th a few minutes later. Some other guy (hipster) was running after the beagel while yelling co-ordinates into his cell phone. The bald man was pulling incredible hulk poses at the straing populace. Didnt realize it was his dog.

http://thankyouforthealphabet.wordpress.com/ said...

I saw that naked guy on Houston and Suffolk too!! And I can't find out, what was going on... He didn't look like he was enjoying himself.