Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preservation groupies unite! Here's your new Landmarks Application resource

From our inbox...The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation sends along word that they have introduced a
new Landmarks Application page that provides details on every application to the Landmarks Preservation Commission in Greenwich Village, NoHo, the East Village, the South Village and the Meatpacking District that requires a public hearing.

Per the release: "With this new page, you can find out critical information about current and past proposals to make changes to the exterior of a building, construct a new building, or demolish an existing building which is either landmarked or within a historic district in these neighborhoods."

At first glance this seems like an invaluable resource....This should keep us busy the next few days....


NYC taxi photo said...

what prey tell is the south village? i'm guessing that is what we refer to as the lower east side?

Anonymous said...

South Village is MacDougal, Thompson and Sullivan Streets south of Houston. If you're selling retail space, you'd be better off calling it Soho.