Friday, July 29, 2011

Bar on A is for sale

Multiple tipsters have passed along word that some possible changes are coming to several longtime Avenue A nightspots.

One that we can talk about now: Bar on A (or BOA or Barona) on the corner of 11th Street is apparently on the market...

According to the listing, rent is $13,500 a month with $265,000 key money.

Bar on A owner Bob Scarrano passed away last March.


Anonymous said...

will this be the new new LIMBO LOUNGE that was on 9 th street or maybe the AZTEC or will SWEET TOOTH come back after all these years

Anonymous said...

wonder how many yup-o's know what these landmarks were? Something to drink your iced latte over and wonder

Shawn said...

BOA is across from my apartment. Used to bartend there.

I miss Bob (the B in BOA) so much, he was a fixture on Avenue A. So sad. He and Eddie Adams used to hang out and talk about Vietnam. I learned so much from those guys.

Annie, his wife (the A in BOA) probably doesn't want to deal with it anymore, I don't blame her.

I will be watching what goes on here like a hawk!

Anonymous said...

Bar on A has changed for the best over the last year. Better music...better food...the food is amazing and a great happy hour. Gotta have the fish tacos or nachos. My friend had the pulled pork sliders and was in love. The chef there was just on "Chopped"(food network). Kinda sad to see it go. Does anyone know if Chef Deirdre was once bartender Dee Dee at 7A Cafe? I am sure it is her. She was so much fun to watch.
Farwell Bar on A... Hello bar nuts.
Miss you Bob.

Marion said...

I don't live in the EV and rarely go down there anymore, but I "discovered" Bar On A a few months ago, and am going to be reading there on Aug 31 -- ironically from a novel about gentrification in the neighborhood. Sounds like I may be one of the lucky ones as the venue may change radically including the loss of the monthly readings. This is just so typical for NY. It's a shande, that's what it is.