Friday, July 29, 2011

Anyway, rats are passé now that the mainstream media are on to them

Thanks to Crazy Eddie for passing along these photos... Union painters are protesting outside Stuy Town ... setting up a picket area yesterday on 14th Street at Avenue B.

On Wednesday, EV Grieve reader thisboyshouts noted that the group had the familiar inflatable rat with them. However! Yesterday, Crazy Eddie points out their picket friend...

As he says, "Love the inflatable cockroach. The Rats are so passé today now that the mainstream media is on it at Tompkins Square Park."

Oh, and here's more on the union protest.


Marty Wombacher said...

Ha ha ha! As always, Crazy Eddie proves he's not so crazy after all!

Crazy Eddie said...

I stopped by today on 14th and B again and gave the local union shogun a hard copy of this EV Grieve tread. He loved it and told me “you savage”. He made my day.