Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Move into 7 Second Ave., next door to 'the imminent carnage'

EV Grieve reader Bayou passes along a link to a co-op studio for sale at 7 Second Ave. (You can read the listing here.) It's a pretty typical listing. Of course, the buildings next door up to First Street, including the former homes of Joe's Locksmith and Mars Bar, will soon be demolished to make way for a 12-story luxury high rise with 65 units.

This isn't noted in the listing.

Asks Bayou, "Wonder if they'll mention the imminent carnage at the open houses."


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RobbieTheK said...

I looked at this apt over a year ago. It's really nice BUT the flip tax is--hold your breath--70%

In other words, you buy it for $300,000, and sell it for $400,000, you pay $70,000 back to the co-op!!!

But no monthly property tax at least. A little bit better than renting.