Friday, July 8, 2011

Free concert in Tompkins Square Park tomorrow

[Courtesy of Fly]

And it's a great lineup... this is the make-up date for the show that was cancelled on June 12.

2:10 - 2:30: Lance Blisters
2:35 - 3:05: Jennifer Blowdryer and band
3:10 - 3:40: David Peel
3:45 - 4:15: FLY with Zero Content
4:20 - 4:45: The Drunkard's Wife
4:50 - 5:15: Chink Floyd
5:20 - 6:00: High Teen Boogie


Todd Olmstead said...

This sounds awesome. Sad I won't be able to make it.

john penley said...

After the show a memorial for Monica Shay will be held at 8pm. in front of the park at 7th. St. and Ave. A. Monica who was a key figure in the Tompkins Square Homeless Rebellion will not be forgotten by those of us who loved her. Monica Shay Presente !!

aron pieman kay said...

i plan on being there to speak at the concert!!!!