Monday, July 11, 2011

How Hollywood recreates a 'Lower East Side club scene'

You can always count on Craigslist for some comic relief...

Here's the listing:

We're seeking extras (21-35 or look youngish) to help emulate the feel of a cool, hip, sexy, dark Lower East Side club scene [Think 'Last Nights Party-meets-Cobra Snake' photos.] We want people to have fun [but not look like they are having too much fun] and be able to act cool and sexy. We also are looking for people who are comfortable expressing themselves when dancing with a partner. If you have any skillz in movement, we want you to express them, even if it's sort of weird! This will be an artistic version of a night club scene. Feel free to bring a prop, bring all your best, cool, mostly black but even slightly outrageous colorful gear if it works.

1 day of shooting for a couple of hours next Wednesday, July 13 (call times will be given to those locked in, but around 10-11A or after.) Non-union. Will provide food and drinks and lots of fun!

Film crew is super cool, professional and efficient and you will be shot by one of the best DPs in the business. Please submit head shots and/or any photo where we can get an idea of how you look.


Anonymous said...

Condensed version: We need dweebs. 7/13. Free booze.


WOW thats just so "cool"