Thursday, July 14, 2011

A loft on the Bowery — with a catch

Here we are at 354 Bowery Apt. 5 ... between Great Jones and Fourth Street... This loft is going for $1.1 million.

Here's the listing. See if you can spot the catch!

This is a rare opportunity to get 1200 sqft on the Bowery!!!

Unbelievably large, entire floor, penthouse loft on a 5th floor of a walk-up building. The space is now setup as one bedroom and can be converted easily to a two bedroom or even 3. The loft gets great light thanks to its big windows and two exposures east/west, and more than that, 2 skylights with the option to create a 3rd one. Also an option to a third exposure (south).

The loft just got new pipes and new electricity , and 2 fireplaces that could operate again with a little bit of work. The apartment currently is under construction so a bit of a mess inside, and is missing the rear wall (part of the building’s plan to rebuild the rear wall).


Anonymous said...

So, I guess this means that my sleepwalking would be a problem here ?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...


A/C units
Hardwood Floors
Rear wall (coming soon!)

l.e.s.ter said...

So a million dollars doesn't even buy you a rear wall these days?

glamma said...

haha i thought the catch was that it was a fifth floor walkup!

Goggla said...

Does that price include the giraffe??

Anonymous said...

No rear wall? No wonder the place is so light and bright...