Monday, July 4, 2011

Report: Suspect who shot East Village couple killed by SWAT team in rural Pennsylvania

The Associated Press has this story:

A career criminal suspected of shooting five people, two of them fatally, inside a suburban home over an insurance fraud scheme was killed by SWAT team members after a six-hour standoff Monday, authorities said.

Since leaving prison last year, Mark Richard Geisenheyner, 51, had been vowing revenge on Paul Shay, one of the victims of a weekend shooting in rural Montgomery County, authorities said.

Geisenheyner broke into Shay’s vacation home late Saturday and said, "Guess you never thought you’d see me again," Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman said, citing the accounts of two survivors. He then shot five people in the head, killing Shay’s nephew and a toddler. Shay, his wife and the toddler’s mother remained in critical condition Monday.

Shay and Geisenheyner knew each other from a 2006 insurance fraud scheme that involved Shay’s home, Ferman said. She could not immediately provide details.

Paul Shay, who owns a plumbing company, and his wife Monica live on East 10th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue. Paul Shay and the toddler's mother are reportedly expected to survive. According to the Daily News, Monica Shay is in "grave condition and may not survive."



Tom said...

The NY Daily News has this report, including photo of suspect:

East Village Eats said...

Not sure if you have a typo here, but Paul Shay was fatally shot.

Anonymous said...

Paul Shay is expected to recover. His nephew Joseph Shay died.