Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Earlier today outside 7A

[Bobby Williams]


Jorge Gonzalez-Perez said...

These Bums sleep on the sidewalk, block the entrances to buildings,beat and rob people, rob purses from the chairs on the sidewalk cafe, Stink up the sidewalk with piss and feces,: Because we give them free food at the park, give em beer at our conv. store(they buy it from begging in streets, Here is how it stops:
Stop selling them beer. The damn cops need to go after the shops that sell them booze. If they cant get booze, they will go somewhere else. Its a crime I think to sell to someone without ID and sell to someone that is visibly drunk.
Stop giving out free food on the street. If they wanna eat, they have to go to a shelter or an organzed place setup to give the food, like a church that is staffed with social workers that assist them with going into detox programs and ways to get into "half-way" houses.
Quit locking them up. Cops lock them up for the stupidest of laws like sleeping on a bench or not playing chess at the tables. This solves nothing and they do a day in jail at the most before they are back to the Ave. With full stomachs from eating and well rested from getting sleep in jail.
Stop giving them money while they are street begging. They arent using this money to get home or to eat, they are using it to buy BEER and DRUGS, esp the crustys who shoot up heroin.

Im not saying these things because Im filled with Hate, or Im a yuppie or anything. Im saying it because Im human, and no human should go hungry or have to sleep on a sidewalk. They should be hospitalized and put into programs where they can be rehabilitated and detoxed medically with as little pain as possible. Its sad seeing them on the street, and the problem needs to be adressed logically, rather then ignoring them, giving them more booze or having the cops lock em up over nonsense. That wastes more money then it would to fix it once and for all with psych and rehab.They are human, and no one should help with the downward spiral they are in. The crusty's and their pathetic dogs they use to beg should be sent back to whatever state they came from, so they dont leave the dog here on the street when they leave(which most of them do) .
I know some of you will disagree with me and curse at me since you love these bums so much and think they should be left alone and all you can do is hate anyone who doesnt share your opinion, but I think they should be taken off the street, its 2011, we have the technology, we have the resources, we have the medical and psych knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Good post Jorge. I agree that the city needs to clean up its act with regards to the homeless problem. It's the worst I've seen in my decade of living here.

blue glass said...

anonymous 9:36am - it was much worse in the decades before you lived here.
check out our neighborhood's history of the 60's, 70's and 80's.
especially when 8 east 3rd street was an intake center for thousands of homeless men.

Anonymous said...

It has definitely gotten worse lately. They should all be annexed to an island with food and shelter. Not feed them in our park and let them live on the streets.