Monday, September 5, 2011

[EVG Flashback] Avenue A transformed into fraternity-sorority party for Diablo Royale Este's 'Boats 'N Hoes' bash

We first posted this on Sept. 8, 2010 ... Diablo Royale later apologized to neighbors...

On Sunday night, Diablo Royale Este — home of the Hopsicle! — at 169 Avenue A was host to a party that attracted what one resident described as "swarms" of young adults.

By Monday morning, the EV Grieve inbox was filled with e-mails about the bash. Such as this one from a reader:

You may be hearing from other people about this already, but there are swarms of what appear to be college students trolling East 12th Street between A and B. From what I can hear, it sounds like they are all trying to find some party. They're ranging in age from late teens to early 20s, and they are loud and obnoxious. ... it is so depressing. Just heard a big, "WHOOOOO!" I never thought the East Village would become one big frat/sorority party. I moved here to get away from those people!


Am I the only one in town and experiencing over 500 18-20 year olds who have literally taken over the sidewalks and three-block radius, as I write?? I came home at 11 and Diablo Royal is having some event that has packed the sidewalks and streets with young people screaming and breaking bottles. There is one cop car parked outside and no cops to be seen. It's INSANE HERE.

I called 911 to complain and the operator said "It's Labor Day." Then I went and found one cop who said "it's nearly over," but I have no idea what it is. Jason Bieber??? I've NEVER seen this many people in one place since attending Obama's inauguration in DC.

Several Royalegoers told a resident that Diablo Royale was hosting a Boats 'N Hoes party.

And you can see what the readers were talking about in the photos in this post....the line for Diablo Royale stretched south on Avenue A and wrapped around the corner on East 10th Street...

One tipster said that officers from the Ninth Precinct eventually broke up the party. Lt. Patrick Ferguson at the Ninth Precinct told me that "summonses were issued to the club — they over promoted an event."

Meanwhile, some neighbors who were were already upset with Diablo Royale Este since their Cinco de Mayo opening, are now fuming. Said one longtime resident:

"Our worst fears are being realized as Diablo is catering to and becoming a destination for young party folk."

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Lux Living said...

Looks like the Stuy Town leasing office on any given day.

Anonymous said...

well that sucks.

Anonymous said...

I still remember that night. (I am the one who wrote in the first comment you posted.) It was crazy, loud and annoying. Thankfully, there wasn't a repeat of it last night!

Uncle Waltie said...

@Lux Living:
are you telling me the hipsters have invaded Stuy Town? The only thing you used to see there were walkers and orthopedic shoes.

Anonymous said...

What are boats? And what are hoes? Are hoes hos?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...


Lux Living said...

Oh Uncle Waltie! Pull up a chair!

Any seniors left in Stuy Town are far outnumbered by suburban kids dividing up the apartments with pressure walls and dorming the place up. It's one big filthy Ke$ha party over here. Why do you think we need so many pharmacies???

Anonymous said...

You called 911? Really?

glamma said...

love how the cops really give a sh*t about the residents. love how the cops seem to unanimously side with this TRASH. really. i think it's just great. i'm sure the business owners will be REALLY deterred from doing this again because i'm sure their summonses equalled about .0005% of what they took in for this atrocity. just fantastic. all around