Thursday, May 6, 2010

The first review of Diablo Royale Este is in!

Well, Diablo Royale Este opened last night at 167 Avenue A... and from the sound of the first review here from a reader, this place should fit right in on Avenue A from 10th Street to 14th Street!

Went by at midnight. The place was a zoo. No bouncer. Just a lot of people and noise. So much for good neighbors.

No word yet on the spit-roasted pig in the backyard.

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Diablo Royale Este opens today: features two bars, one screening room and spit-roast pigs in the backyard


Lisa said...

Oh please. It's like when the Cock opened on 12th and A after telling CB 3's SLA committee they were going to be a "cruise ship-themed restaurant with seasonal menus", Angels and Kings on 11th and A promised they were going to be "a dumpling and tea house" that oh yeah, might serve a few drinks now and then, and the 510 Bar on 11th between A and B swore they would install a kitchen. I bet you anything the only "spit-roasted pig" you'll be seeing here is when some drunk moron falls and impales himself on his buddy's flaming cigarette lighter.

Christine said...

Went to opening last night at Diablo Royale Este and had a good time! Food was good space is beautiful and service was ok considering how busy it was.

creature said...

"[T]his place should fit right in on Avenue A from 10th Street to 14th Street!"

I thought it was just me, but living on 6th St (and A) I find 10th Street is my EV boundary to the North. Unless I'm walking up to the post office (or when David's Bagels was still there), I rarely go past 10th Street (and am always surprised by the numerous changes up there).

Rich B. said...

Stumbled upon this space walking home friday night only to find my good friend DJ Strip spinning classic rock music and videos in the basement Bordello bar! This place rocks!!