Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovely townhouse with bucolic gardens on East Third Street ready for "creative expansion"

There is an ivy-covered townhouse at 316 E. Third St. near Avenue D that looks lovely from the outside this time of year... And it just went on the market Tuesday for $3.995 million ...

Here's the listing:

This unique offering comprises 2 contiguous lots, 316 and 318 East 3rd Street, together forming an unusual L-shaped area that is 48' wide in the front, over 67' wide in the rear and 105' deep.

The existing structure is a 22.5' wide, 4 story brick townhouse circa 1900 with period details that requires renovation and is delivered vacant. The townhouse is surrounded on 3 sides by bucolic garden, open lawn and mature trees.

However bucolic... what are the chances that this space will be long for the neighborhood?

Check out the rest of the listing:

The townhouse itself is not landmarked, and there are approximately 22,900 buildable square feet available to the purchaser of these combined 2 lots, offering myriad opportunities for creative expansion. Located one block north of Houston in the vibrant Lower East Side, one block east of the famed Nuyorican Poets Café, in an area alive with restaurants, museums, specialty shops and nightlife.

All square footage and buildable potential should be independently verified by an architect.


VH McKenzie said...

Does that mean the buyer could just raze the townhouse and build on the two lots from scratch? Pity -- it is bucolic and lovely as is.

glamma said...

holy crap. i lived right next door at 323 east third for years. this is a truly beautiful townhouse that was kept up extremely well by an order of some kind of russian orthodox priests i believe. i wonder what happened to them? it would be absolute "sacrilege" to raze this beautiful piece of history. where in the h is the landmark commission??

glamma said...

did a little digging and found the current owner of this property:

"...Barden Prisant, a candidate for chairperson of Community Board 3, and chairperson of the board’s Housing Committee..."

glamma said...

owned by Barden Prisant, CB3 member and part of the NYU taskforce. from an article mentioning him:

His biggest concern is outside developers profiting at the neighborhood’s expense. “It really infuriates me when I see other forces from outside the neighborhood come in and try to take advantage,” he said. “These outside forces — most of them developers — are making it unlivable for those who have put their lives on the line."

WOW. Perhaps he has not yet seen the listing for his own home? Surely he would take issue..

EV Grieve said...

Wow, Glamma. The house for sale is at 316.... the lot is 318. 320 is the Monastery of St. Mary of Egypt/ Mercy House.

Perdita said...

There's a similar situation one block away at the "Uranian Phalastery," 326 and 328 E. 4th St.

For more on the Uranian Phalastery's history:

I was inside these buildings once and they are amazing--time capsules. One was a synagogue from the early 1900s, with the original paintings on the wall. But they are in bad disrepair, so I can only imagine they will be demolished.

Suburban Guy said...

Coming soon, bucolic pavement.

We destroy beauty.