Thursday, May 27, 2010

Listing appears for Houston and Avenue D development

Back in January, the Lo-Down broke the story about a new development (with a roof deck! and $2,800 studios!) coming to Houston and Avenue D... They had a follow-up on the scoop in February, reporting:

The developer, whose name was not disclosed, intends to build on the corner of Houston and Avenue D. There would be 166 rental apartments, 34 of them affordable. This past Tuesday evening, CB3 accepted the committee’s recommendation to approve the deal, with 18 voting yes and 11 voting no.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the ground floor retail listing the other day at Robert K. Futterman & Associates (RKF) ...

Per the listing...:

approximate size
Ground Floor - 9,711 sf
Basement - 4,816 sf

Upon request

120 feet on Avenue D
70 feet on East Houston Street

Long term

Fourth Quarter 2011

neighboring tenants
Banco Popular, Capital One, Duane Reade, FedEx Office, Dunkin Donuts, Subway and Baskin-Robbins

- Brand new 180-unit luxury residential rental building
- High ceilings
- Over 12,000 apartment units within a five-block radius
- In close proximity to Tompkins Square Park

Possession by the end of next year? Seems awfully ambitious, but OK... The "neighboring tenants" mostly seem to be the ones at Red Square or One Avenue B... obviously only chain stores could afford the asking prices for retail here... this will be a development that many people will continue to watch...

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lodownny said...

Interesting! Back when CB3 was debating this, one board member told the developers he hoped they would "be mindful" of their surroundings when the time came to select retail tenants. Mentioning public housing and several schools at the intersection of East Houston & Avenue D, he basically said the new tenants should be respectful of the community. It'll be fascinating to see what they turn up.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for all your reporting on this. I'm really curious, too, about the new retail... curious that the listing mentions proximity to Tompkins Square Park. That's really misleading. Why not mention, say, proximity to the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center?

Anonymous said...

The Avenue D frontier is stubborn. No new developments even in the boom years. But it too shall be conquered. First on D & Houston and D & 14th. A few parries then from cross streets (D & 7), leaving only the core public housing towers. In time -- the politics will be ugly -- the latter can be designated as old and unfit for habitation. Then, bulldozed into the river.

glamma said...

i still cannot believe this.

i miss the chicken place that used to be there.

Anonymous said...

Living right next door to this coming monstrosity, I am enjoying every day that they have yet to start. Maybe the summer will be quiet...