Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sex and the City II economy tour

From Gadling.com yesterday... some NYC specials based on "Sex and the City II" ... and this is just... depressing...

New York City's Pod Hotel, a budget-minded property on East 51st Street, has put together one of these anti-SATC packages.

Starting at $139 per night, the "Don't Get Carried Away" package includes one night in a bunk-bed room at the Pod, two cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop, a Brooklyn cocktail at East Side Social Club, and a knock-off designer handbag from Canal Street.

This package is a refreshing alternative to other SATC-themed packages, which typically have heftier price tags (can you say luxurious suites, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, Cosmopolitan cocktails, and designer brands?)

And I just can't tell if this is supposed to be funny or not.

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First review, Daily News, 2 stars: