Friday, May 28, 2010

Something for Novogratz-designed-penthouse-home-with-a-driveway watchers

Since making its East Fourth Street debut last month, Novogratz-designed-penthouse-home-with-a-driveway watchers have been curious about the garage here... Just what kind of vehicle will fit in here? Is it even big enough for a garage band? (Eh, sorry.)

So, to my good fortune, as well as for other Novogratz-designed-penthouse-home-with-a-driveway watchers, I got a look inside the garage the other day!

My professional conclusion: Yeah, it's pretty damn small.

Meanwhile! After some 77 days on the market, a "for sale" sign for the penthouse has appeared! After a 15 percent price drop earlier this year... the tab now remains at $3.195 million...

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