Thursday, May 27, 2010

Workers spotted at previously dormant 100 Third Ave.

I can't even recall the last time that I saw anyone working at 100 Third Ave. between 12th Street and 13th Street... until the other afternoon! Look! There's not one but two workers here!

Five stories are being added to the old four-floor tenement built in 1880. (A Fine Blog has more on the building's history here.)

Anyway, back in the fall, the city slapped a stop-work order here because... "BUILDING SHAKING/VIBRATING/STRUCT STABILITY AFFECTED."

Regardless, if you on a smoking break outside Bar None, then I'd consider standing elsewhere..

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SG said...

Hey speaking of shaking, my apartment building (tenenment built in 1900 located on 14th between B and C) has started shaking here and there. Not too often, maybe once a week I'll feel a big shake and then other days minor shakes. I can feel everything vibrating in here when it happens.

How do I know if my building is structurally sound? I doubt it's the L train because I've been in this buildings for four years and have never felt any shaking until recently. Please advise!