Tuesday, November 10, 2009

100 Third Avenue's lonely add-on

It appears that the work has stopped at 100 Third Ave. near 12th Street and 13th Street. Can't even recall the last time we saw workers here.

A Fine Blog had this report on the history of the address back in February:

100 Third Avenue, originally a 4 story building built in 1880, has sprouted an intriguing growth which now bring the structure to Nine stories. An interesting use of a walk-up building to be sure.

I hate to say it, but we have another mystery on our hands here! The building is zoned commercial, and a permit was filed to amend the building height to 90' , contain 3 units, and be re-categorized as F-1B - Assembly (Churches, Concert Halls) . Will it be a church or an assembly hall? Well, plenty of people have assembled at 100 Third Avenue in the past. In 1880 it was a restaurant. In 1910 it became a theater, later named "The Lyric Theatre". In the 1930's it catered mainly to the Bowery bum set. The Theatre would open at 7am an hour before showtime, so the transients could catch a nap before the double feature plus newsreel would begin. Later, the Theatre was renamed "The All Male Jewel Theatre", for, you guessed it gay porn.

There is a stop work order on the address because: "BUILDING SHAKING/VIBRATING/STRUCT STABILITY AFFECTED."

Anyway, you may consider walking on the east side of the street moving forward...

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