Friday, November 20, 2009

Taco/boutique combo ready for action

When we first reported on the new La Lucha taco/boutique coming to Avenue A near Ninth Street, the joint was expected to be opening two weeks. Anyway, fast forward five months...La Lucha opens today...

Per UrbanDaddy:

And here, the ground rules of Mexico City are in effect—no guacamole, no sides of rice and beans, and a staunch anti-burrito position. Drop by at the start of a long night and you'll get a grilled tortilla doused with six different imported chilis, created by a guy who's eaten his way around the Mexican capital. Or specials like the Mil Máscaras: a trio of tortillas piled with cecina steak, Oaxaca cheese and enough bacon to make sure you're ready for the various tequila menus of the East Village.

Meanwhile, a few doors to the north, you'll find San Loco. The battle lines are drawn.

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Coming soon to Avenue A: "Best taco shop and boutique in NY!"

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glamma said...

i would like to open a taco shop and boutique as well, except mine will only have tiny little clothes that you can put on the tacos and burritos. i will open up next door to them and steal all their business with this incredible feat of novelty!