Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bloomberg spent nearly $183 per vote

From the City Room:

To eke out a narrow re-election victory over the city’s understated comptroller, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg spent $102 million of his own money, or about $183 per vote, according to data released on Friday, making his bid for a third term the most expensive campaign in municipal history.

And the $102 million tab is likely to rise: the mayor has not yet doled out his storied bonuses to campaign workers, which can top $100,000 a person. That spending will not be reported until after his inauguration.


Anonymous said...

He is that much poorer than when he began!!

prodigal son said...

There are alot of people in this city who will sell their vote for $183 in cash. There is no way with the secret ballot to check if they actually voted for you after taking the money, but most will.

Its not like you need everyone. How many people voted in the last election? A million? You really need only about a tenth of the electorate, which leaves more than enough money for your bagmen and any consultants.

This is the third time that Bloomberg has spent enough money that he could literally have bought the election just by handing out cash to enough voters, and no one has pointed this out. Its supposed to be the Democrats' mistakes this time. This isn't a presidential election. The city population is 8 million (with a ton of people not registered, or even citizens), not a nation of 300 million. You can do alot with a presidential race size budget with a much smaller electorate.