Monday, November 30, 2009

That special time of year when Rolf's ConEd bill quadruples

The holiday lights are up again at Rolf's, the German eatery on Third Avenue at 22nd Street. You'll find the usual: Some 70,000 light bulbs and Victorian-era tchochkes. Despite what the photos below show, it seemed a little less over the top than in previous years.

And please do not stare at any of the photos for too long: You may suffer a seizure. Or turn into a toddler.

Anyway, definitely worth seeing once. It gets awfully crowded with the office party crowd. So pick your time...

Previously on EV Grieve (who likes to use that same ConEd joke):
'Tis the season for keeping ConEd in business: The holiday lights are up at Rolf's


Brooks of Sheffield said...

I love Rolf's!

EV Grieve said...

I like it too, Brooks. You really have to pick your times to go this time of year, though. I walked by this past weekend and there was a line to get in...lots of gawkers with cameras. (Uh, not like me....)

Anonymous said...

Rolf's has plummeted. The food is horrible and there's no authenticity with Indians running a German restaurant. Go for the lights and maybe a beer, but don't stay for anything else.