Monday, November 16, 2009

Nevada Smith's closing soon to go nationwide?

The Culture of Soccer blog has an interview with Jack Keane, the owner of Nevada Smith's on Third Avenue near 11th Street. The piece ends with this nugget of news:

Keane says that Nevada Smith’s has nearly outgrown its current Lower East Side location. “We don’t expect to be at this location very much longer. We’re looking forward to expanding. We have a group of investors who want to take us nationwide.”


NA said...

Wow... This is truly sad... I'm sure a nice expansion of the Pour House or something worse - Also, I find the idea of a chain of soccer bars bizarre at best

Anonymous said...

Jack Keane is the manager of Nevada's, not the owner.

Unknown said...

Jack's been talking about finding a new location for a few years now. According to him, they'd like to find something bigger in the same neighborhood, if possible, because they can't expand any further in their building (even though it's mostly vacant).

As long as they don't move too far away or change the vibe, I don't think it'll be a disaster. They could easy fill three floors on big matchdays.

The Modern Gooner said...

Yea, I know they're just looking for a bigger location so they don't have to continually turn people away. They're not closing.