Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rumors!: Will PJ Hanley's be opening a pizza shop on First Avenue?

Following up on the scoop from yesterday, intrepid EV Grieve reader dmbream has heard that the PJ Hanley's folks will be opening a pizza shop at 122 First Ave. Makes sense, given that the Carroll Gardens location added a coal-burning pizza oven last year.

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Carroll Gardens institution PJ Hanley's opening an East Village outpost on First Avenue


Brooks of Sheffield said...

It's good pizza, but weird management. Be prepared for a little quirky attitude.

ak said...

i think a "little quirky attitude" could be exciting - god knows all the places i used to go to with "quirky attitude" have departed.

dmbream said...

Pizza it is:

Do they sell by the slice?

dmbream said...

Oven has arrived: