Friday, November 20, 2009

Peeking inside the former Tribe space

Just the other day we were talking about what's going on with the former Tribe space on First Avenue at St. Mark's.

Back in March, The Villager's Patrick Hedlund reported that Danny Rivera, owner of the Crooked Tree around the corner on St. Mark's, will open a tapas bar in this space.

The old Tribe has seemingly been quiet...but apparently not. We caught a glimpse inside last night:

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From Tribe to tapas at First Avenue and St. Mark's Place


dmbream said...

Anyone get a look at the work permit?

Any word on what's going in?

dmbream said...

And Grieve - You were right. The hookah place on the west side of the street went out last week, as well. No big loss. (My friend joked as we were walking by the other night: "Your neighborhood has officially jumped the shark when a hookah place goes in.")


Also, just this morning, work started at 122 1st --- the small restaurant space between Ruben's and Kim's. I looked at the work permit:

PJ Hanley's.

Another Irish pub-style place...RIGHT next to Lunasa? Fantastic planning, guys.

And, did some more brainstorming over the weekend:

In, say, the small place at 127 1st --- a bulk candy store. A mini Dylan's if you will. Margins have to be ridiculous on wholesale candy. And for all the folks making their way down St. Mark's on Friday and Saturday nights, what's a better way to fiend than with fistfuls of sour patch kids? Stay open late on weekends and you'll do crazy business in the witching hours.

Lastly, where the hookah place was --- BIG space, so...DOGGY DAY CARE.

Those places are gold mines. People spend money on their pets.

Have a family friend in Jersey that opened one a couple years ago. Has to turn people away. They would build 10 more tomorrow if they could.

Dropping pearls of neighborhood development wisdom here!

Who wants to get on it with me?


EV Grieve said...

Hey dmbream,

I'm pretty sure the Crooked Tree owner is still opening a cafe in the old Tribe space... no one has said any differently yet...

dmbream said...

Hanging copperplate this morning at Tribe.

Plywood taken down.

Also jack-hammering out what were covered up window openings on the St. Mark's side of the place.