Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Live the uber-bohemian lifestyle"

I've just become aware of a Web site called Cribs of the Crop. Per their bio: "We are a group of real estate investors with apartments for sale throughout NYC. Everything you see on this site is an apartment that we own and are selling directly — we are not brokers."

Here's a description for a studio for sale on East 14th Street:

Live the uber-bohemian lifestyle in this swanky lil' East Village pad. Unit features exposed brick, tasteful interior design (thanks, tenant!), and an ENORMOUS, beautiful, bucolic tree (outside the window, of course). There's also an entirely separate eat-in kitchen (how many studios have that?!), a walk-in closet (or that!?) and this really old, really cool looking woodsy-like floor material that was probably carried over from the old country on some poor shlub's back. Oh, and the apartment is on the third floor in a walk-up building, which is an ASSET: keep your body up to the standard of all the slinky lil' hipsters in the nabe by running up and down the stairs. Old-world wood flooring, new-world ideal combination of the contemporary and yesteryear.

Sort of makes UrbanDaddy sound like The Economist.

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