Thursday, November 19, 2009

One reason, perhaps, why Jude Law moved in next to a freshmen dorm at NYU

From Washington Square News:

On a recent night, a group of freshmen girls (and several boys) on the ninth floor of Hayden residence hall fought each other for a spot at the window in a dorm room. They all pressed their faces against the glass, straining to catch a glimpse of someone a few floors below in the building behind Hayden.

The word was spreading — Jude Law had officially moved in next door.

"We didn't even know he lived here," Tisch freshman Erica Rose said. (Her room is where the students gather to spy.) "I just came home one day and the entire floor was in my room staring out the window," Rose said.


LSP freshman Bryan Hall said he feels bad for Law.

He said: "He moved in next to a freshmen dorm, so he'll always be ogled by freshmen girls."

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Photo via Priya Vij

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