Monday, September 6, 2010

[Updated] Last night at Diablo Royale Este

The EV Grieve inbox is lighting up this morning about a blowout at Diablo Royale Estehome of the Hopsicle! — on Avenue A.... More details and photos from last night's party are appreciated.

Updated 11:40 — A reader notes that there is a whole lotta broken beer and booze bottles this morning in the street in front of Diablo Royale Este...


Anonymous said...

So what happened? Just more non-local rich trash treating our street like a free-for-all?

RIP Starlight

EV Grieve said...

Basically! One person told me that it was a bash for NYU students. I've heard all sorts of crazy things. Residents near here are fuming... it may get ugly. Uglier.

East Village Eats said...

I passed by there last night on my way to Hi-Fi. Shit was a HOT MESS! Huge line, screaming teenagers & general mayhem. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I would like to throw a bash at these brats' hometowns and treat their neighborhood as a playground see how they'd like that. I'm sure the CB3 board members are all out in their summer retreats to not witness this.

blue glass said...

while not defending CB#3, it is really the SLA that makes the decisions. and unfortunately they are more interested in collecting fines then they are in actually enforcing the law.
and with all the dorms and students down here, and many owners that would rather pay a fine the enforce the law, we are essentially screwed until something changes at the SLA.
even if the community board were 100% it would take a massive effort on the part of residents to persuade the sla to act.
and remember, nyu is probably the largest employer in new york state.
the elected officials that could help seem to take a back seat on this issue here.