Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clearing up any bagel rumors

Apparently there are some rumors about how Christopher Pugliese plans to operate Tompkins Square Bagels on Avenue A once it opens. He left this comment about the speculation:

I am NOT, NO WAY, EVER, going to stay open 24 hours. I'm 40 years old with a wife and (hopefully) kids on the way. 24 hours ain't going to happen. All 40 of said years have been spent on the streets on NYC. I understand, and have respect for the fact that people LIVE HERE. My Nana and Papa, Mom and Dad, me, we all grew up in busy parts of town. I'm not going to let anything happen in my shops that I wouldn't want to happen if they were living upstairs. THE STORE WILL NOT BE LOUD OR NOISY. But don't take my word for it, go and check out my other shops in Brooklyn and see for yourself. We are small time, hard working, decent guys. WE DON'T and never will sell cigarettes, whatever those things are called that kids roll joints with, beer, win, or lottery tickets. PLEASE, before you go and make all kinds of bad feelings and accusations, get your facts in order.

You may read the rest here.

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Jeremiah Moss said...

the bagelman sounds like a mensch. let's see what transpires. and if there's any bait & switch funny business...grieve is watching.

Anonymous said...

I really love bagels. Why not open at another location in the area? Why did the Bagel Guy switch from 165 to 171 back to 165 Avenue A?

I would prefer it if Monk Thrift Shop returned and the store front window too.

Diablo Royale Este's construction was stopped for six months due to egress issues with the basement lounge. A portion of the 165 space was needed in order to create a door for the lounge.

Shawn said...

Agreed Jeremiah.

Poor Chris! Let's cut him some slack. Hang in there Chris!

Chris said...

If everybody in this neighborhood kow-towed to every single complaint in the comments here, nothing bad or good would ever get done.

Can't wait for the bagels, whatever the address.

EVGayBear said...

For the love of Chaka Khan! Are we NIMBYing to the point we're we don't even want a bagel shop? This is friggin' awesom!! This and a bookstore on Avenue A??? Allow me to WOO!

Unknown said...

@EVGayBear: Yeah, it's gotten pretty ridiculous. The E.Vil NEEDS a bagel place, is screaming for a bagel place. I'm so tired of going to Hot & Crusty (Long Live David's Bagels - Gone but not forgotten).

Anonymous said...

I live at one of the Westbrook buildings and let me tell you its been no picnic. Atrocities!

Fortunately for me we have Vampire Freaks, MRI Associates and Poppy's. Thank God.
No bars or restaurants.

Its an interesting idea to boycott all 17 buildings and of course I support it. I'm living proof. One of the survivors.

At least i have Poppy's.

I love deli's.

The places that I dislike the most in the neighborhood aside from the bars and lounges are the trendy restaurants, like Northern Spy and Westville. In particular, fine dining like Northern Spy brings in that real West Village crowd and celebrities. People need to look out. Before you know it our blocks will look like Cornelia Street.

I'm all for bagels preferably on North 1st avenue North avenue A or B but stay away from Westbrook.

Lisa said...

Bagel Chris - Ya gotta realize, this neighborhood thrives on rumor and innuendo, nothing personal. The majority of Grieve's readers are anxiously awaiting the opening of your store, no matter what the damn address is.

Marty Wombacher said...

I think the owner is a stand-up guy with a shitty landlord (as he stated, how many landlords in NYC are shitheads?). I'll buy bagels here when I'm in the neighborhood. I'll support a working-class guy trying to open up a quiet bagel store.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious to know if the bagel guy, Chris will be using the backyard. This is my main concern. We already have wooing jackasses in the back yard of the Diablo Royale space. Also, what will the hours be?

I go agains backyard dining. It shouldn't be allowed.

Anonymous said...

This Tuesday afternoon the police were in front of 165 Avenue A to help orchestrate the move of an illegal huge dumpster in the bus stop. They towed it away and closed up shop at 165. They are working on the renovations for the bagel shop.

Chris do you happen to know about this?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I look forward to bagels. It would be nice to have a neighborhood place to sit and read the paper, drink some coffee...enjoy the view.

Anonymous said...

The thing that worries me is the comment from yesterday "You're damn right it's going to be a scene."

Because we already have a scene with Westville and Diablo.

NYC taxi photo said...

count me in when this opens, I'll check for low prices and an available bathroom for customers? and bagels for 99 cents? and another 2bucks for a tofu smear. heavens to betsy, a bagel place using a backyard, oh no all the neighbors will be awoken at bkfst by the the noisy bagel munchers, pleeeeese~!

Good luck to you sir.

Anonymous said...

Lets see this is in response to Anonymous # 2. I agree with you. Northern Spy started out with a small menu and a market but now has morphed into an expensive upscale restaurant. No doubt that the food is good but they have definitely helped to change the dynamic and character of the neighborhood by making it more trendy and upscale. I wouldn't support a full liquor license there ever.

OK its unanimous. We all want bagels. Its just where?

Aside from bagels I wish that The Uptown Juice Bar from Harlem would open in Alphabet City.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:15 - did you read the entire comment, or just take from it what you wanted? He was kidding. He said he was "getting down with breakfast sandwiches."

I can't wait for a bagel shop, and I will definitely be welcoming them with open arms. Let's show them how wonderful our neighborhood can be, and how we respect good businesses, just as they respect our community!

Jeremiah Moss said...

what are the chances this will turn into some kind of sexy bagel joint, filled with drunken bagel revelers, playing bagel ring-toss and bobbing for bagels in the backyard for prizes? know, actually, it's not that farfetched, considering recent history in the EV.

Cookiepuss said...

The whole neighborhood could become like the Chelsea Market. You know The Food Network.

Who knows any place has the potential to be like the Magnolia Bakery or Luke's Lobster.

People will friggin kill you over their food. People are hungry.

At least the bagel guy won't try and capitalize on the popularity of our neighborhood.

Tompkins Square Bagels. Thats a good name.

Why not Shaoul Bagels?