Monday, September 27, 2010

More on Joey Ramone Place

Last Thursday, I wrote about trying to find Joey Ramone Place on the Bowery and Second Street....

The Post follows up on the piece today... And on page three — right next to Lindsay Lohan!

Per the Post piece by Jeremy Olshan, who also gave me credit for noticing how high the sign is now:

"Joey Ramone Place" is perhaps the most stolen of the 250,900 street signs in New York, according to the Department of Transportation, which recently asked contractors to install the sign for the fourth time since 2003.

He would have appreciated the distinction, said the group's longtime drummer, Marky Ramone, sole survivor of the Ramones' longest-running lineup.

"But maybe they should find a better way to attach it," he said. "Now you have to be an NBA player to see it."

Although most street signs are about 12 to 14 feet off the ground, Joey Ramone Place was raised to 20 feet, an oddity first noted on the blog EV Grieve.

Speaking of Joey, video maker Paul Dougherty sent along this piece on the sign dedication back in 2003...


Bowery Boogie said...

nice to see the Post giving credit where it's due.

pinhead said...

Breaking... Channel 2 just ran the story on the 6 o'clock news. The volume was down so I don't know if they gave credit for the story, but they had lots of shots of the sign.

Anonymous said...

In Liverpool all the signs for Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields got stolen, so they stopped having signs and instead painted what looked like the street signs onto the corner buildings, or sometimes on low walls. No more problems with theives