Monday, September 27, 2010

[Updated] Reader report: Man shot during "bad drug deal" on Sixth Street

A longtime EV Grieve reader sent along the following today:

I wonder if you may have heard anything about a crime or shooting happening around 1st Ave and 6th St last night. My apartment backs up to the courtyard behind the Indian restaurants on the SW corner. Sometime after dark, during the Jets game, there was a very loud bang, followed by a lot of commotion, a shriek, and two men talking. It sounded like they were digging through the recycling cans. As the voices were calm and no other noise followed, I didn't think it was anything serious. About 30 minutes later, however, the police arrived and were talking to a woman who described seeing two naked men in the back changing their clothes. She said one of them jumped over a wall (there is no escape from the courtyard except back through one of the buildings). Today, I heard cops referring to "the victim" and also said there was blood on a door and shell casings on the ground. I've not been able to find out anything else about this.

A little bit later.

I just talked to the cops and they confirmed someone was shot in a bad drug deal, but he's alive. They apparently caught one of the shooters already.

Perhaps this is a good time to pass along a reminder... people should know to keep an eye out, be alert and to not hesitate calling 911 for anything unusual. ... I need to tell this to the young folks who moved in across the way from me — the ones who leave their windows open during the day when they're not home...

Updated: 2:34 — The address is 342 E. Sixth St. Police are apparently still on the scene.

[File photo EV Grieve]


nygrump said...

I live above all those cursed "Indian" restaurants and the quote: "there was a very loud bang, followed by a lot of commotion, a shriek, and two men talking" describes EVERY HOUR THEY ARE OPEN. Well, maybe not the shrieks.

Anonymous said...

Fuck those faggot sass sandal wearing student annoying pece of shit people who leave their windows open they deserve everything bad so they can get the fuck out

Laura Goggin Photography said...

There's a story on Gothamist today about about someone shot dead in his apartment downtown in an apparent drug deal:

I hope this isn't a trend.