Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things to look forward to today! Seven inches of rain?!

Yikes. Per The Wall Street Journal. (Note to self: When did I start getting my weather news from the Journal?)

Also! If you're you're out and about today, then I'd welcome any photos that you might have of this apocalypse. (And this includes photos of the new Papa John's on First Avenue.)

So I'll post weather photos like this... but, uh, better. (Don't worry — it's mine, so I can be mean about it.)

Meanwhile, something to listen to while you bag the sand...

The Staple Singers - A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall Fal
Found at abmp3 search engine

1 comment:

esquared™ said...

oh noez! better call papa john's for some delivery...oh, wait...