Friday, September 24, 2010

Former Miracle Grill garden space sprouts $6K apartments

As mentioned earlier today, the former Miracle Grill space is on the market. And the eatery's garden is now an apartment building at 92 Seventh St. ... which, coincidentally enough, has just been revealed after months of hiding behind the scaffolding and sidewalk shed, etc., etc.

So here's what it looks like...

Looks pretty decent as far as these things go. But what will be happening on the inside?

I took a look at the listings.

There are studios going for $1,950. And there are photos...

...and the roof deck... (UFO!)

The apartments get bigger... There's a three-bedroom (convertible to four!) going for $5,995. Description:
Brand Spanking New! Luxury 3BR Conv 4BR Bedroom With Balcony, High Ceilings, Floor To Ceiling Windows, White Custom Cabinets, Black Corian Counters, Stainless Appliances, Key Elevator, Video Intercom and Laundry Room on Premises.

Hmm... home for a family or a party pad?

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Jeremiah Moss said...

huh. that kitchen looks like it was designed in the 1960s. where are the acres of stainless steel? no overperforming professional-grade faucet? no subzero? no wine fridge? no cheese chiller?

no self-respecting douchebag is going to rent here.

Lisa said...

So how did they manage to get Allen Ginsbuerg's bland, renovated cube into this building...?

Wait, what? It's a totally different apartment? But it looks JUST THE SAME.

Now I'm confused.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Lisa, you are so right! it does look the same.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The interior looks awfully cheap. My 100 year old cabinets look nicer than that.

Marty Wombacher said...

"Mr. Chambers, don't get on that ship! The book..."To Serve Man." It... it's a cookbook!"