Monday, September 27, 2010

Superdive sign recap (and bar recap)

So Superdive has reopened — at least temporarily. And there are all sorts of signs out front....

So the bar is open...

...and it's for sale...

And we asked the folks at Superdive just what's going on. Here's their response, via e-mail:

1) our new literacy program ( invented by babydive with his "dive says read" slogan) needs money to support it.

with that in mind superdive is available for benefits designed for parents associations in the east village that support or benefit local schools. superdive will contribute the space as well as 2 kegs to any school or association so that they can have a party designed to benefit local pals of babydive. quite simply "A KEG PARTY TO BENEFIT KIDS" . the school or association can organize a pay to enter party with the proceeds donated to the school. soft drinks as well as kidfriendly health drinks served for the little ones. pass it on.

2) despite the best efforts of all concerned, no single legitimate operator stepped forward to buy and or lease the superdive space. this even with the magnanimous landlord, one michael taub, pulling out all the stops to accommodate any interested parties. everyone was scared away by the big bad wolf aka the sla committee of comm bd 3. this in spite of the fact that this space has always been a bar, i.e. korova milk bar which was open for 10 years. oh well, it is a tale for a late night yarn of monsters and the triumph of good over evil to enrapture babydive during a stormy, dark, sleepless night.

3) who doesn't love a nice cold glass of beer? even babydive from the attached picture likes to be around a good party...... A SHOUTOUT TO THE SOUTHAMPTON PUBLICK HOUSE'S IPA !!!!!!




pinhead said...

Ha, drinking baby. Funny. Does it smoke too?

Anonymous said...

This should be forwarded to the SLA. Minors are not allowed on a licensed premises when alcohol is served (benefit or not).

Jill said...

This guy gets weirder every day.

glamma said...

totally disgusting. these people are just despicable.

Anonymous said...

I like this guy's sense of humor. Though he also seems like an asshole.

babydive said...

silly silly children with no sense of humor.

1. the baby doesnt drink anything but grade A moms breast milk.

2. even baby dive knows smoking is bad for you.

3. anyone is allowed on a licensed premise of any age provided (if minors) they accompanied by an adult. ever hear of a restaurant? but dive was at a party at a private residence.

4. perish the thought any positive comments would come from people reading blogs. no shoutouts to babydive for his dive says read program? no kudos for contributions to local schools in dire need of help?

no unfortunately not. just misguided hate, misinformed notions, and mistaken beliefs.

there is an outside world away from your computer.

babydive says go experience it.

muchlove from babydive