Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking: The East Village is expensive (thanks 10003!)

Curbed points out this morning that the East Village is now the 22nd Most Expensive Neighborhood in America. This is part of the America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes listicle in Forbes.

And it's specifically for the 10003 zip code, which extends west to Fifth Avenue and north to 20th Street. And where:

Median home price:

Median household income:

Anyway, here are the 10003 boundaries:

At least we beat those pussies from Gibson Island, Md., who came in at No. 23.


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LiberationNYC said...

Why is that American Apparel sales clerk dressed like Cornholio?

Anonymous said...

10003 includes grammercy park and soho and shouldn't count as east village.