Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hype Lounge will be covered with TVs, among other things

Jeremiah first brought news last month of Hype Lounge, former home of Daphne's Hibiscus Restaurant on 14th Street near Second Avenue.... There's plenty of work happening in the space...

And the sign out front offers a few more details of what to expect come October:

The Hype website is now live too. Per the site:

Hype Lounge is New York City's premier sports lounge. With 29 HD TVs, you will never miss a game. Our sound system is state-of-the-art, giving you the best experience possible. This is truely a sports-lover's dream come true.

Our goal at Hype Lounge is comfort and convenience. The entire lounge is covered with TVs in order to maximize your viewing potential. There is wall to wall seating as well as our extended bar area. No matter where you are standing or sitting at Hype Lounge, you will never miss a play.

There are also specials:

Monday Night - Martini Monday $6.00 (8pm-10pm)
Tuesday Night- Tequila Tuesday - $5.00 Cocktails (8pm-10pm)
Wednesday Night- Ladies night (Ladies drink free 8pm-10pm)
Thursday Night- Three Olives Cocktails $5.00 (8pm-10pm)
Friday Night – Say it ain’t so Stella - $4.00 Stella (8pm-10pm)
Saturday Night – Sexy Saturday - $6.00 Specialty Cosmos (8pm-10pm)

And on the seventh day...?


Jeremiah Moss said...

as expected. the entire EV has turned into this. is there any way to reverse the trend?

nygrump said...

20 HD's - what is the carbon footprint on this?

Chris said...

Ugh. Just shoot me now. More piles of vomit I'll have to step over on my way to work.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Haha everything about this place sounds stereotypically bad. The name, the TVs, THE HOTTEST DJs.

I like watching sports as much as anyone else, but bars like this where you're assaulted with so much stimuli are terrible and lead to an overall bad environment. Do we really need 4 TVs devoted to the Bucs-Panthers game?

Hopefully it'll turn out like Aces and Eights: a terrible bar with 20 TVs that is always empty and eventually closes down.

Lisa said...

This is beyond vile. No wonder we're #11 in the world educational race.

glamma said...

it's almost comic.

Unknown said...

Is this the same Hype from Long Island?

esquared™ said...

sunday -- eucharist sunday: communion wafer cupcakes paired with a blood energy cocktail drink -- $name your price contribution (all day)

Shawn said...

Hype Lounge - let me introduce you to a couple of my dead neighbors:

1. Superdive
2. Bounce

Take it easy.

P.S. Please send my sincerest well-wishes to the Wednesday night K-Mart ladies crowd who are too broke to pay for their own $5 drinks. Don't worry ladies, the recession is almost over! You'll get a job, eventually!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Aces and Eights, the Red Party (a goth/deathrock/80s night that uses the upstairs at Aces and Eights once a month) has already said they're coming back to the venue next month. Not sure if they're just hopeful or whether they know something.

blue glass said...

the name says it all

Anonymous said...

At least they could have called it Hammer's

(btw, my captcha for this post was "latinho")

bmkoko said...

Now that the construction is empty, maybe all of you should take a look before opening your mouths. I walked in there and noticed that it is UNLIKE anything I have seen in NYC in my 15 years of living here. It is classy, cool looking, seems to have a unique menu, and the 20 TVs to me means that I can see any game I want. If you ask me, it sounds like you are all jealous that you didn't come up with the idea or simply couldn't - kind of pathetic actually. The funniest part is, I bet EACH AND EVERY one of you will end up there. Give it up for the haters!

Marty Wombacher said...

"I walked in there and noticed that it is UNLIKE anything I have seen in NYC in my 15 years of living here."

@bmkoko: I'm guessing you don't get out much.

belga76 said...

Why so negative?
Nobody knows if they will make it but really hope they do. But at least they have the balls to take the risk to open a business and create jobs.
I would say, wait for them to be open before killing them.

Lisa said...

bmkoko - I'll take that bet, and raise you $20,000,000. This place will never even see my shadow, much less me, inside its walls.