Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CB3 says no to monster bar on Avenue B; plus, good news for Blarney Cove fans

Speaking of bars... last night, Community Board 3 passed the docket from the Sept. 20 subcommittee meeting ... (The one item that we reported on from that meeting: No liquor license for Table 12 on Avenue A and 12th Street.)

A few items of note:

• Justified LLC, 102 1st Ave (alt/op/extend to backyard):

As we reported, the International Bar crew, Molly and Shawn, are taking over the Lilly Coogan's space down the way. CB3 approved the use of the backyard for seating. However, as part of the conditions, they must close the outdoor space by 10 every night — including any time needed for clean-up.

• Corp to be Formed, 14 Ave B (trans/op) (Butterfly Butterfly)

This is the newly ginormous space on the southwest corner of Second Street. The owners wanted to open a "restaurant tavern" ...with hours of operation from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Wednesday; from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Thursday and Fridays; and Noon 'till 4 a.m. on Saturdays. And! They'd employ DJs Friday and Saturday nights.

History didn't help this space. Remember Butterfly? According to CB3, they had a history of citations for unlicensed security, unlicensed cabaret, unlicensed sidewalk cafe (was anything licensed?). You get the idea. The owner of the new space, in the eyes of CB3, has "failed to demonstrate that he has sufficient experience to operate a restaurant-bar of this size in this area or addressing any of the prevailing noise or traffic concerns." Plus! He was unwilling to close earlier than 2 a.m.


• Blarney Cove (510 E 14th Pub Inc), 510 E 14th St (op)

Remember the hyperlocal East Village blogger who nearly shit the bed about what might be happening with this? Fool!

This is a transfer from the Blarney Cove's now-deceased owner to his daughter-in-law. According to the CB3, the Blarney Cove will continue its current method of operation and retain its name.



glamma said...

Great news about International/Lilly Coogans.
Great news about Table 12, I f*cking hate that stupid yuppie place.
GREAT news about the giant Ave B space.
Thanks as always for the coverage Grieve. This is a top rate service you are providing to those who care.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks Glamma! I always appreciate your thoughts and comments here!

esquared™ said...

hyperlocal blogger, indeed

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! to all involved in the opposition of Corp to be Formed, 14 Ave. B.

These people have a lot of nerve.

This building is one of the 17 East Village buildings bought by Westbrook Associates and managed by Magnum. Magnum Management is run by the notorious developer Ben Shaoul who also owns the A Building.

The entrance to the building is actually at 201 East 2nd Street. Both addresses for this building are listed on DOB.

This building is rent stabilized with a mix of old and new tenants. We can't afford for more people to be forced out.
One of the tactics used to try and push more rent stabilized tenants out, is to lease the commercial space to people who will bring in the most disruptive and damaging establishments.

This, combined with treaterous and unhealthy apartment conversions, non stop pushing of buyouts, lack of building services and other threats and atrocities! Why wouldn't someone want to move?

Persons who are in the market of opening a business in the neighborhood need to be held responsible for who they do business with. Why would anyone support anyone who does business with Westbrook and Magnum.

Way to go! Another victory!