Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10009 is the 110th most expensive zip code in America

So, if 10003 is the 22nd most expensive zip code in America, then where does leave the other part of the EV zip — 10009? Well, as the headline probably tipped you off, it's No. 110, according to Forbes.

Per Forbes for 10009, whose boundaries are shown in the graphic above:

Median Home Price: $1,459,511
Median Price Change: -2%
Average Days On Market : 265
Inventory : 35 properties
Median Household Income: $40,176

Nothing against Stuy Town, but can we trade trade them to 10003 for Second Avenue and a street to be named later?


James Taylor said...

The West Village is 5th.
Beverly Hills is 6th.
When the hell did that happen?!

Jill said...

The disparity between the median income and the median home price tells the whole story.

Anonymous said...

10002 Didn't even make the list! Haha. Yeah, LES!

Hey19 said...

10003 really isnt the east village, or at least the part of it that is the east village, is pulling down the other 80% of it. 10009 is what I consider the east village. I thought the same thing, I wonder what the rank would be without stuy town. I cant really remember my statistics clasees, but wouldnt it also skew it, that Stuy is SOOO many households? Like skew it more than other square bloks would?

Anonymous said...

New York is a city of renters so it does not have the same meaning as other parts of the country. Still, the data is troubling, but we already knew that.

Amanda said...

Isn't 10009 basically Alphabet City? Everything east of 1st ave?