Friday, September 24, 2010

Renaming Aces and Eights: See you at Drink 'til U Stink!

As the new Aces & Eights GM mentioned the other day, the bar will rebrand itself whenever they reopen. To that end, "Aces & Eights LES will be holding a naming contest when we reopen and I am hoping to get input and support from not only our staff and customers, but also from residents in East Village and Lower East Side."

I'm all for second chances and certainly think the bar deserves one.... though I'm not so keen on contests. As our friend Billy Gray noted over at Guest of a Guest: "A noble gesture, maybe, but put on your snark-retardant suit." Indeed! Read on...

Although the contest rules and what not have yet to be announced, a few helpful EV Grieve readers jumped in with suggestions for a new name:

How about simply calling it "WOOOO!" — apt and succinct.

Bowery Boy:
Sleepy Neighbors Club
Silent but Deadly Bar & Grill
Up All Night Restaurant
Block the Sidewalk Bar
Old Neighborhood Bedtime Story
F the Sleepy Locals Lounge
Our Music is Your Music Bar
Baseline Vibrations... In Your Child's Bedroom Bar & Lounge

Puke Bar & Grill
There Goes the Neighborhood (Again)

Lux Living:
Chug 'n Chunder Grill
Beer, Bitches, & Burritos
Drink 'til U Stink


Anonymous said...

Bar Scumbag

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Douche on A

Anonymous said...

My vote is for "Block The Sidewalk Bar". It's fucking unbelievable to me that they hire their huge, pig doormen and they just sit on the stool and say nothing to the patrons, who just crowd their disgusting loser bodies around the sidewalk in front.

Lisa said...

Woo Drop In. John Wayne Gacy's. Clientele Ugly. Rolling Thunder. Girls and Noise. Trash and Morons.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Super Sin Hurricane
14th Step
Cheaper, Younger Shots
I Slept With Marc Jacobs
Douches 'n' Bags

Marty Wombacher said...

The Ninth Ward I'm Worried About The Beaver.