Thursday, September 23, 2010

Report: SLA yanks Aces and Eights' liquor license

The Lo-Down has been following the Aces & Eights saga. And as they report today:

One of the reasons Aces and Eights succeeded in conducting business without a basic operating permit from the city’s health department was that the previous tenant of 34 Avenue A, Mo Pitkin’s, had possessed a permanent liquor license. That allowed the Aces and Eights management to secure a temporary liquor license and to open its doors (in April 2009) without having to produce any city permits — while its own application for a permanent license was pending. The city shuttered the bar Sept. 14, after finally catching up with the paperwork loophole.

Late last week, the NY State Liquor Authority followed suit, yanking Aces and Eights’ right to serve alcohol.


esquared™ said...

now this deserves a resounding celebratory WOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

It seems likely that they (or another similar bar) will reapply but, yes, this was a good, if belated, decision. It's amazing that they went a year or more without permits. That's not exactly efficient liquor regulation.

glamma said...

bring back mo pitkins

Anonymous said...

Yay! i just LOVE it when places in the city lose their liquor license.. even if it means just ONE peaceful week/weekend for its neighbors.