Saturday, September 10, 2011

[EVG flashback] Bars to drink in Sunday evening where you won't have to watch the Jets

Seeing as its the start of the NFL season (with college football season kicking off last weekend) ... we thought we would rerun this post from Jan. 21, 2011... And this isn't anti-sports...just, you know, it seems as if more and more bars around here cater to various teams, as Esquared noted in the comments here yesterday ... Anyway, the list is slightly out of date... Feel free to make any amendments in the comments...

Not at all comprehensive... just a few bars without TVs... not that there's anything wrong with TV. Or the Jets. We love the Jets! Go Jeter!

Bar on A (we understand that the TV has been retired)
Burp Castle
• Coal Yard
The International Bar
• Mars Bar
• Max Fish
Swift Hibernian Lounge

Also! If you're on the fence (kind of want to see some of the game, but not really), then consider the Grassroots... they have the lone TV leftover from 1991 at the south end of the bar... the Jets uniforms will likely look orange, though... the color on the GR set has been wonky the past five or so years...

Feel free to name other TV-free bars in the comments... (and Hookah bars don't count...)

And, of course, there are many fine (and unfine) bars where you can watch the Jets beat the Pirates.


shmnyc said...

Your readers should know about the wonderful device called the TV-B-Gone. It turns off any TV.

Anonymous said...

Fish Bar on E5th St., just west of 2nd Ave.

East Village Eats said...

Pirates? The Jets are playing the Cowboys!

listenmili said...

I agree w/ Anon :)