Monday, September 19, 2011

Today in 'the bad old days may be here again' trend articles

From the Daily News:

Squeegee men, the aggressive panhandlers who wash your car windows whether you want them to or not, are back.

For some, they're a powerful symbol that the busted economy is bringing back the bad old days.

The Daily News spotted a crew of five squeegee men at 42nd St. and Ninth Ave. Sunday, swarming cars like it was the late 1980s all over again.

The Post noted the return of the squeegee men in September 2008.

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The "bad old days" are here again story of the day


glamma said...

Love these guys. This is the real NY!!!

Anonymous said...

Um, there's been squeegee men over there for at least the past ten years. What a sorry excuse for a trend story -- especially given the data that came out yesterday showing that crime is down again, if only just, in the city.

bowery boy said...

I wonder how Bloomberg is going to feel knowing that by the time he leaves office this City will be right back to the way it was as if he had never taken office: crime is creeping back up, schools still suck, the homeless are in the streets, races ignore eachother, and the squeege is back! sad for him.