Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A few signs of fall

As I first reported, it is now the fall. And I have done a lousy job of documenting this change of season...

[Pumpkins arrived last week at Sheen Brothers on Avenue B]

[Ditto at the Greenmarket at Tompkins Square Park. Photo by Bobby Williams]

[Time again for the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog parade. Photo by Via ~ Joan]

[The leaves are turning color ever so slightly in Tompkins Square Park]

[Football fans are collecting their favorite gridiron great stickers from the Daily News ... and attaching them to a bench in Tompkins Square Park]

[Anheuser-Busch has unveiled its branded football cans]

[The TV networks are introducing their interesting, thought-provoking fall shows]

[Halloween City has unveiled its new scary masks]


Victoria said...

Love this post. Love Autumn in New York!

Ken from Ken's kitchen said...

All those pumpkins can only mean one thing. Christmas music at CVS begins today.

Marty Wombacher said...

I just realized that Mitt Romney is a dead ringer for Chuck Woolery. Which is perfect because he's more suited to be a game show host than a president.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day the Holloween Dog Parade was fun. people dressed their mutts up in punk garb and it was small. Now it's this major motion picture for people who have gentrified the neighborhood and their purebreds. Las year Jack Spade was there, what the eff.
It's like the Westminster Dog show at this point. They should take it to the east river. These stupid events are designed to further gentrify us, and the press is all over this stupidity. It makes every affluent asshole want to come over here and get in on the take over. It's like fashion week at Bryant Park.

Victoria said...

Anon @ 11:32 - Tell us how you really feel. I hate it when my dog tries to gentrify me, it can get real messy.

Anonymous said...

Back in the Day you would see posters and flyers tellin about the Smoke in Guess since the yippies r hawking coffee the times have changed

Anonymous said...


Current Board members of the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run (Friends of First Run) include Paul Seres.

Paul Seres is president of the new York Nightlife Association. He is also Community Board 4 member in Chelsea, a managing member of Helios Hospitality Group, a lounge owner and a nightlife lobbyist in business with CB3 SLA committee member and lounge owner Ariel Palitz.

Why not take the parade to the Chelsea Market?


BabyDave said...

About the Dog Parade: Unfortunately, these things happen. Twenty-five or 30 years ago, The Greenwich Village Halloween parade was a neighborhood, family event winding through local streets. Last I looked, it was a sponsor-laden march straight up Sixth Avenue.
As long as no radio station is providing a flatbed truck and sound system for the dogs, all is well.

Anonymous said...


All is well for me too. Nothing like a bunch of Yunnies and their little dogs too. Nobody like Jack Spade too. My hero.

Victoria said...

Anon @ 11:22 Do you have a problem with Paul Seres? Has he done anything to hurt the dog run in TSP? I also don't see how dressing up your dog was ever "punk".

Complaining about positive events happening in a park that is known for homeless people and heroin addicts is counter productive. From your comment it seems like you either don't want positive events in the park at all or you would rather them be locally sponsored. Hopefully the second is the case. If so, start another dog parade and let me know - I will attend and dress my dog up as Blondie.

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone doesn't totally love something someone starts that argument about "if you don't love gentrification, then you must love crime, homeless people and druggies" That straw man burned long ago.

Victoria said...

@ Anon 11:05
I am not setting up a straw man or other logical fallacy for Anon. I'm suggesting that they are complaining for the sake of complaining and asking them to explain their dislike of the dog parade past whining about Jack Spade.

The pet parade brings the community together and all proceeds go to the dog run. Ultimately it is a positive addition to the neighborhood even if you dislike the people behind it.